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How Will Google's New Ranking Formula Affect Your Website?

Last week the world's largest search engine announced its latest update: EMD. The update's purpose is to better screen out low-quality websites during user searches.

In particular, Google is targeting Exact Match Domains, those that use popular search terms in their domain names. An example would be www.cars.com – except that authoritative sites such as cars.com and movies.com won't be hurt.

What does this mean for you?
It depends if you've been more “white hat” or “black hat” with your online marketing. In other words:

  • If you were aiming to strike it rich online with a domain name like cheap-flights-new-york-chicago.com, and with the intent of making money off tons of ads, it's time to get a new plan! To pass the new Google filter you'll need to combine "authority" with your keyword-rich URL. In other words, you'll need to become recognized for truly contributing to the online community. What can you offer that's non-salesly?
  • On the other hand, if you're one of the good guys or gals, your website might get a boost when EMD kicks in! A website with high-quality content now has a better chance of out-ranking a spammy one with an EMD.

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Google EMD Update

How Can You Improve Rankings Honestly?

Many answers apply here, but because of the Google EMD update, blogs have become even more important to  rankings. That's partly because blogs provide the perfect opportunity to

  1. Appear authoritative and
  2. Mention keywords naturally. 

Want to know more about blogging for traffic boosts? The Facebook Fairy wrote an easy-to-follow blog about "content marketing" for Vab Media web designers in Santa Cruz, California. Enjoy!  ~ FBFairy

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